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I am a 28 years old girl that wanna be a writer, so I am a wanna be yeah haha.

I am the oldest child of four siblings, two girls and two boys. My family is not rich, so I am used to have little space. I have all the space I need inside my head, that is why I like to write so much, its the way I put my train of thoughts in the railroad.

I was born in a little town called Januária in the north of a predominantly rural state, but I was raised in…

Why we are taught to be and to think the same as everybody? And why the ones whom do things in a different way are successful sometimes?

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We all are afraid of what the future holds, our expectations are not very high.

Will the machines take over the world? Will the poor be poorer and the rich be richer?

In my parent’s time going to college guaranteed you a job, now it is not enough.

This is because the education does not follow the evolution of the world.

The education does not teach us the skills that make us better than the machines, they actually want to make us machines.

We swallow information and play a role in the production line.

Education in the world is still…

Why some white people relates so much to the black people, an example of this its Eminem.

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I know that some people will not agree with me, but for me the real prejudice is about social status, it is historical that black people have a lower status. But White people sometimes are even more poor than some black people. So that’s why I can relate so much with EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS (the TV show).

Its a show about black people, but Chris’ life is exactly like mine. Well Chris even have some things that I don’t have, like a…

This is the why of the polarization of the world, some people want to be free, others want to be safe.

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To explain better the title of this article its a phrase of Franz Kafka from his book THE TRIAL. But this phrase serves to ilustrate quite good the right and left thinking in the actual world.

The chains represent everything that is a prision, but a the same time protect us from the dangers of the open world. …

Muitas pessoas não entendem o porquê de certas músicas ganharem o Grammy e de certos filmes ganharem o Oscar.

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Quando eu assistia ao Oscar durante a minha infância eu sempre pensava…. Por que Harry Potter não foi indicado ao Oscar? É sem dúvida o melhor filme que eu já assisti. Mas depois de um tempo eu entendi que a academia escolhe os indicados e os vencedores com base em julgamentos técnicos muito mais profundos do que nós podemos imaginar. Convenhamos que assistir a um sucesso de bilheteria é muito melhor do que assistir a um vencedor de Oscar. …

Many people don’t understand why certain songs win a Grammy and why certain films win an Oscar.

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When I watched the Oscars during my childhood I always thought …. Why was Harry Potter not nominated for an Oscar? It is without a doubt the best film I have ever seen. But after a while, I realized that the academy chooses the nominees and the winners based on much deeper technical judgments than we can imagine. Let’s face it, watching a box office success is much better than watching an Oscar winner. …

A walk through women’s fashion, its motivations and annoyances.

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If there’s anything I’ve always liked, it’s pockets. Who doesn’t like to have pockets?

I found out that I was not the only one, other women also want to have more pockets in their pants and dresses. Another thing that bothers me it is the extremely tight clothes and smaller than necessary, the so-called skinny and baby look. Who doesn’t feel relieved to be able to wear clochard pants?

Researching this I discovered that clochard in French means tramp, so clochard pants that are loose and with pockets would be…

Um passeio pela moda feminina, suas motivações e incômodos.

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Se tem algo que eu sempre gostei são bolsos. Quem não gosta de ter bolsos?

Eu descobri que não sou só eu que gosto, outras mulheres também querem ter mais bolsos nas calças e vestidos. Outra coisa que me incomoda são as roupas extremamente apertadas e de tamanho menor que o necessário, as chamadas skinny e baby look. Quem não se sente aliviado em poder usar uma boa calça clochard?

The brain tries to simplify things by separating everything into boxes and placing labels to process information faster.

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Who never asked the why of fashion trends, the why of prejudice and bullying? If you stop to think a little, not all the different things people exclude and neglect, there is the different that is admired and even envied.

An example of this are people who wear glasses, bullies use to love them, but now it kind of become fashionable, if you do not believe me ask the Hipsters. …

O cérebro tenta simplificar as coisas separando tudo em caixas e colocando etiquetas para processar as informações de forma mais rápida.

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Quem nunca se perguntou o porquê das tendências da moda, o porquê do preconceito e do bullying? Se parar para pensar um pouco não são todas as coisas diferentes que são excluídas e ridicularizadas, existe o diferente que é admirado e até mesmo invejado.

Um exemplo disso são pessoas que usam óculos, sempre foram ridicularizadas, mas de uns tempos pra cá parece que virou moda usar óculos de grau. Se não acredita em mim pergunte a qualquer HIPSTER…

Laressa Alkmim

Brazilian writer looking for an opportunity to improve my skills

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