It Is Often Safer To Be In Chains Than To Be Free

This is the why of the polarization of the world, some people want to be free, others want to be safe.

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To explain better the title of this article its a phrase of Franz Kafka from his book THE TRIAL. But this phrase serves to ilustrate quite good the right and left thinking in the actual world.

The chains represent everything that is a prision, but a the same time protect us from the dangers of the open world. We can’t deny that the world is a dangerous place, with his field full of traps and diferent things that we don’t understand.

A good example of this fear is a teenager that prefers to be at his parents house and follow the rules than be thrown away to fend for himself.

But some of the teenagers don’t have choice, some survive by themselves and thrive, others just sink to a deep hole of desperation.

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Another example is the feminism and the anti-feminism, if you talk to a feminist they will say: what the hell a woman is thinking to be an anti-feminist?

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Well I had the curiosity to read a paper that an anti-feminist wrote about why she is anti-feminist, in this paper she said that she wants someone to protect her, to work and bring what she needs to home and then she will be safe just taking care of children and housewifer.

She wants to be protected and cherished. Thats not crazy. It is hard to have to work and take care of children and housewifer!

But what this woman do not count on is that life is full of surprises and be at the mercy of someone is not very good.

In the case of feminism, be at mercy of men in general is not very fun, when you want something more than to be at home and have children. What happens if you don’t want to be a housewife?

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Lets be honest, every human being whants to be at the center of his universe, so if you are under someone’s comand is better to be of use.

Simplifying if you are under someone’s comand you are under their protection, but you have to be of use and follow the rules.

On the other hand if you chose to be free, you have no protection, but you have to be of use for yourself and follow your on rules. Things can go South, but they will go South on your on way.

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