Why some white people relates so much to the black people, an example of this its Eminem.

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I know that some people will not agree with me, but for me the real prejudice is about social status, it is historical that black people have a lower status. But White people sometimes are even more poor than some black people. So that’s why I can relate so much with EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS (the TV show).

Its a show about black people, but Chris’ life is exactly like mine. Well Chris even have some things that I don’t have, like a house. I live in a rented one, and I used to move a lot.

Once I watched on YouTube an experiment, people tested the reaction of the public when a little girl entered a restaurant, first she was dressed as a beggar and later she was dressed as a little rich girl that got lost from her family. Both times the girl was the same, a White girl.

The reaction was terribly bad when she was dressed as a beggar, people told her to get out and that she was disturbing the clients.

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But when she was a rich kid that got lost people offered food to her and called the waitress to try to find her family.

For me the reaction to black people is a general reaction to poor people. Its like to think someone is inferior, ignorant, dirty and violent by nature. Its like the movie THE GREEN BOOK.

In this movie the black man is the rich one and the white man is his driver, but everybody think its weird, because they are used to see black people as the servants and the servants are ignorant, dirty and violent.

I am sorry to say that the biggest part of rich people think poor people are ignorant, black people are poor people and so black people are ignorant.

That’s why the police stop black people in fancy cars, black people should be poor in their opinion.

The sad thing is that generally their are right, the black people majority are poor. The majority of poor people are ignorant. But this ir right because the society makes it keep that way.

Its our job to make everybody less ignorant so the prejudice will be less effective.

You are not better than other people because you have more Money, more Education or is a White person. But everybody thinks they are better than the other for a infinite number of reasons this is the old selfish way.

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Lets do like Michael Jackson said in his song MAN IN THE MIRROR: I’m starting with the man in the mirror/ I’m asking him to change his ways/ And no message could have been any clearer/ If you want to make the world a better place/ Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.

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