What is the difference between the different and weird?

The brain tries to simplify things by separating everything into boxes and placing labels to process information faster.

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Who never asked the why of fashion trends, the why of prejudice and bullying? If you stop to think a little, not all the different things people exclude and neglect, there is the different that is admired and even envied.

An example of this are people who wear glasses, bullies use to love them, but now it kind of become fashionable, if you do not believe me ask the Hipsters. This change in the way of seeing the people who wear glasses is due to several factors.

· Nerds are now millionaires;

· Many more people needs glasses;

· People realized that who use glasses usually reads a lot, that is, it has acquired a lot of knowledge about something and this fortifies an image of intelligence.

Pay close attention to this part: it fortifies an image of intelligence. An image and its meaning bring attachment to people.

Another example is redheads, redheaded girls are fashionable, and with their beautiful fiery hair, many other girls imitate them with the help of hair dye. However, what nobody knows is that for a long time the redheads suffered prejudice and that being born a redhead was a real disgrace and I am not talking about looking like Ronald McDonald. Initially we have the history that the Romans invaded and conquered the Scythians, an ancient people of Thrace, started to consider the Thracians as slaves. As they were ginger, the red hair became an inferior feature.

Later in ancient Egypt, the Persians portrayed the god Seth as a red-haired evil god associated with the red desert. Following this line of reasoning, the philosopher Aristotle went so far as to say that, while blonde-haired people were brave like lions, redheads were of bad character like foxes. Not even philosophers escape the traps of symbolism.

From 1300, works of art began to portray Judas Iscariot as a redhead, and the devil with red, pointed hair. Some historians argue that the idea of ​​portraying red-haired Judas, originally, was only to highlight him in the paintings. Probably the same thing done with Ronald McDonald since red scientifically draws attention and arouses hunger, so the combination of colors that McDonalds uses is yellow and red and not brown and blue, because blue inhibits hunger.

What nobody says is that the real redhead in the bible was David, that’s right, King David was a redhead, and very little is said about it. It is written in 1 Samuel 16: 12–13.

However, in society, the image of redheads only became admired and envied because of Queen Elizabeth I who took over the throne of England, gaining the empathy of the people in the 17th century, her long red hair became fashionable, and this fashion is still going strong today, thanks to the influence of royalty.

Another form of prejudice is linguistic, if you speak in a certain way in the wrong place the group automatically subtracts you. This comes from a long time, as when the conquerors forbade the natives to speak in their own language so that they learned to speak only the language of the conquerors. The way you speak, your accent, says where you come from. The image of where you come from becomes part of your image and then your label is made, whether it is good or bad, depends on the situation.

In the end, it all comes down to the influence that an image has on collective thinking. Our brains try to categorize everything so that we can work on the decisions we have to make. These categories that we place are often lazy and misleading, they are actually influenced. You never know exactly what a thing means until you know it, but we have no way of knowing everything, so we draw conclusions from what they pass on to us about these things, through images, speeches, sensations, etc. The devil is in the details, and a lie is only good enough when it comes in the middle of some truths.

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